... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Peanut Sacrifice

Pluckier a parakeet in large.
Blue tit on dogwood
Blue tit in sunshine on fence
Blue tit on finger tips
Parakeet landing and grabbing
Parakeet spat (4/4)

My mother and I went to see the Ross'sling and its family in the sunshine, but they were just about as inaccessible as possible (across the water on one of the islands...), so I resorted to photographing herons, pigeons, and the people feeding the parakeets and passerines. The light was nice (even at the shady feeding spot) so I got some pretty neat shots, and struggled to choose (so there are extras, and Flickr); I posted a blue tit last time so ruled those ones out, and liked this one because it reminded me of the Creation of Adam (/"Hand of God").

Others are all here (or right from Heron stepping down)

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