... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Woodland Wanderers

More comical in large.
(Lead goose was angling to nibble on my lens hood here...)
Emperor goose extras:
Nibbling on drop bolt
Portrait and frame
Woodland emperors
Nibbling wood (1/9)
Nibbling together (7/9)

I went to WWT in the morning to make up for not getting close to the Ross'sling &c. yesterday; the Emperor geese were on utterly adorable form (I took several nibbling series...), even if they kept getting moved on (/kicked at) by children. The place was heaving on account of a "Puddle Jumping Competition".

While I was visiting the (other) nēnēs, the emperors escaped their enclosure, and I returned to find them super-excitedly exploring a stream and ivied wood... I reckon that the solitary sneaky nēnē that mooches with the innocent emperors has been leading them astray...

Others all here (or right from Slightly snoozy white-fronted geese)

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