It was a close call for Miss L whether she was more excited counting down the minutes until her birthday on Saturday or counting down to today - the day her friend Little Miss E came to our house for the day.
Oh my goodness they're like peas in a pod. There was much giggling and craziness from the minute Little Miss E arrived!
First day of half term today and we had to be at Big Miss E's 11+ tutor's house at 9.30am. Uuughhh!!!!
She and a few other children did a mock 11+ test so they have an idea of what to expect on the day - actual papers, a time limit, distractions. 
There was another mum there dropping off looking like she was about to hyperventilate with anxiety. I'm lucky that I can't get too worked up about it. It is what it is! I just told Miss E to have fun (because she is her mother's daughter and likes tests and exams!!) and left her to it.
When Miss L and I got home Little Miss E arrived and the shenanigans began! I had time for a cup of tea and a chat with her mum, Mrs J before heading back to collect Big Miss E.
It was a mixed day. As usual when one of the Little Misses has a friend over  the other one feels left out and jealous and needy, unable to let the other two just get on with it!
I suggested to Big Miss E that she and I watch a film or play games together but she insisted on playing with the younger two. Who then got annoyed with her so she then got upset, wailing that she was only trying to be nice and help them.
I pointed out that when my brother had friends over it didn't occur to me to join them. 
Until later! My brother is over four years older than me so as time went on his friends were more of interest to me!!
But I digress!
We went to the park in the afternoon which was freezing. I was struck watching Miss L and Little Miss E walking hand in hand how much like Big Miss E Little Miss E looks. Same jacket and boot vibe!
Despite some of the fraughtness of the day it was lovely to see Miss L with a friend. She was so happy!!
Mrs J came to collect Little Miss E at about 6pm and I collapsed onto the sofa in an exhausted heap. 
I will have to have words with the Little Misses about behaviour on each other's playdates or they'll be faced with a lack of future playdates!!

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