Reach To The Sky

No football to get up for today, but it was such a lovely morning, I got up early-ish and went for a wee walk. Later we all headed off to Peebles, and seemed to be leaving the blue skies behind, as it got greyer and greyer – driving along roads with snow still piled up at the sides.  Once in Peebles, we could only cobble enough change together for two hours parking (the grand sum of 20p!).  We headed straight for our brunch/lunch destination.  The  boys had their usual and I had a lovely bowl of soup.  By the time we left the café the sun had made an appearance, so we continued on our way to Dawyck  to the Botanic Garden.

We had never seen it so busy.  The car park was full and the café was full, with a big queue.  Undeterred we headed into the garden and followed our usual route ( we are creatures of habit), but in reverse.  As we climbed right up to the top – we didn’t see a soul.  We had a lovely wander on a lovely afternoon.  We go every year around this time to see the snowdrops – but we hardly looked at the snowdrops today.  And every year, I say we will go more often to see the garden at different times, but we never make it.  Maybe this year.

We had a quiet evening.  The boys went to church, and I took advantage of the peace and quiet to read my book.  They brought pizzas home with them, so an excellent quick late tea.

Being an arboretum, it always pays to look up at the magnificent trees, especially at this time of year when you can see through their skeletal structures to the wonderful blue sky. The extras are of some pine cones and of a magnificent tree that is not part of Dawyck, but is over the fence in a field.

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