Three Chimneys

It was a lovely, but cold morning, and the wind had dropped significantly so I went out for my Friday morning run.  I only did five miles as I didn’t have a huge amount of time.  Leter in the mroing BB and I went out for breakfast/brunch.  He devoured his pancakes, bacon and maple syrup, while I stuck to very nice toast and marmalade. 

I went in search of the things I need for my unfinished craft project and went to possibly the most unhelpful shop in town.  The shop keeper was very pleasant, just not very helpful.  She told me I could rummage in a basket, and if I couldn’t find what I was after, then I could look in  a couple of drawers.  After some serious rummaging, I failed to come up with what I needed.  I didn’t even ask about the other thing, as I might have just been left to rummage the whole shop.

After lunchtime – though neither of us had any lunch - BB was picked up by his friend’s mum and they went paintballing in Edinburgh with some other friends.  I was left to do the housework, but decided to fit in a walk to stretch my legs.  It wasn’t as sunny as it had been this morning, but the sun did manage to break through the clouds occasionally.  I went on a route that I run in the spring and autumn, when it is not too muddy and overgrown.  Although it was a bit damp and muddy in places, it is probably  runnable without slipping on the mud as long as we don’t have any more rain or snow.  I may try it our soon.

Once home, I had a very late lunch and made a start to some housework.  BB and friend appeared later and BB then headed off to his friend’s house for tea.  I’ve had a quiet evening, and managed my ER fix, followed by Nigel Slater in Iran which I really enjoyed.

These chimneys are on our former Sheriff Court.  I liked the contrast against the blue sky. 

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