Iced-over Bay with actual People

It's not often that West Bay freezes over, some years the ice just wraps the edges.  This year, it seems like we watched the bay fill in with ice overnight and it's stayed solid for a couple of weeks now.  Apparently, this compels people to skate and icefish out into the deep areas of the bay.  (I've seen boats here in the summer, so it can't be that shallow.)  And the novelty of it seems to have attracted quite a crowd, as the usually empty parking lot has been full all week.  They probably shouldn't keep this up much longer with the warmer week ahead, but people alway surprise me...

So, this is for Mono Monday (out of your comfort zone) hosted by KangaZu.  You may have noticed that I never rarely photograph people.  Other than the occasional snapshot of a friend or family member, I avoid it at all costs.  Maybe it's the fact that I hate to have my own picture taken and I empathize with the subject, or maybe I just prefer a little bird or animal face...  Who knows, but whatever the reason, it's hugely out of my comfort zone.

I had planned on trying some "street photography" but, it was rainy and the people were scarce downtown.  Then I remembered the pop-up fish town out on the bay and risked angering a parent as I snapped a few of the skaters etc.  This little girl was skating all over the place on her own.  

As per usual, it looks sharper in large.  

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