Here and Now

By Mole

Not a Fan

Thanks to Markus (EP15) and KangaZu (Mono Monday) for hosting the challenges.

While I often photograph nature, I don’t photograph on dark, rainy nights and am unsure of how best and how much to adjust in mono for the desired effect. I’m learning. .

More importantly, I itch like crazy just looking at, let alone touching this clumping bamboo. I steer clear of it because I know unseemly, squirmy, sometimes flying insects are hiding within, waiting to land on me, just to hear me scream. I wouldn’t blip this bamboo at all were it not for the challenges because I don’t really like this bamboo. Nothing personal. All plants can’t be my friends. I’m very selective. It’s one of those things I tolerate for the sake of my husband’s pleasure.

Thanks for comments, stars, and hearts for yesterday’s blip.

Hope you have an enjoyable 24 hours wherever you are in blip world!

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