Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

cold and crisp

Played with some landscapes and wanted just a touch of the snow .   So here is a combo with the Salish sea from the top of the hill…. tried to make it more of a painting but need to get rid of the electric wires for that…and I’ve just lit the sauna so will post this.  Need to warm up!

But not before I give you this excellent link, continuing the microfiber dilemma.    Yes, we are all recycling plastics to keep them out of the waterways  only to have the fibers from the clothes they make find their way into the waterways.  :-)  Check this CoraBall out (made in Burlington, VT..note, Kd!).  I think it is out of the kickstarter status but will hopefully be on the market by July, says the website.  It'd be a simple inexpensive thing to do!   

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