"Dance like no one is watching."

Dear Diary,

I just had to pull over and photograph this wild snowman (or maybe a snow lady). She looked like she was in the midst of a wild and ecstatic dance. Maybe she is dancing in anticipation of the warming weather we are expecting tomorrow when it may hit 65F. I know I am wiggling my toes in anticipation!

Her little audience was just darling and the people that made her took pains to add lots of detail. I especially like her evergreen skirt. I suspect that if I go back in a few days she will be in quite a different state. Our last surprise snowfall gave us perfect snowman building snow so these people took advantage. It was a delight to see.

I again used a photo processing app since the Coolpix didn't give me a very good image to work with...sigh...but it does add a nice feel of joyous abandon to the photo.

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