Back to Doggy School

After attending doggy school (Stonehouse Dog Training Club) for 6 years we stopped because I just thought he didn't need it any longer, and Foxy was a lot calmer after going for about 3 years. Jonty went back yesterday evening.
It wasn't really planned but Linda, the club Secretary, often mentions that I should come along to see everyone and they'd love to see the dogs.
I said I'd go and last night I was getting ready and Marlane said to Jonty "Are you going with Daddy to Doggy School?". His reaction was amazing, he jumped up and ran down the stairs to sit in the hall just like he used to. He obviously remembered.
When we got there I went in during the 7-8pm class and talked, quietly, to Linda and a couple of others. Jonty was watching all the dogs, and the training, with great interest. Foxy just stayed by my side.
The outcome was that I signed up again and attended the 8pm advanced class to see how Jonty would get on after a two year absence. 
Apart from not remembering about the 'Fetch' exercise he was outstandingly good. Weaving in and out of cones, staying, waiting, walking 'Close' (to heel), staying sitting or down while I walked around and only coming when he was called. I was so proud of him.
In the photo we are weaving in and out of a circle of dogs and handlers, brilliant.
Next week I'll give Foxy a go but it's Jonty who really, really, wants to do it.
Extra of Foxy with Linda, he was good as gold but never took his eyes of us for the whole hour.

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