Signs of spring - plus bonus bike

What a beautiful day in Edinburgh! I took this shot when I returned from my bike ride just after 10:00am. If you look carefully, you can see that my bike is a photobomber ;-)

Also on the agenda today: journal paper reviewing, blogging, emailing, grant proposal checking.

We advertised a fully-funded PhD studentship today. The last time we put out a call for applicants under this scheme we recruited LyndseyJ. The advert reached her in four steps on Facebook. If my not-so-little sister (who has nothing to do with academia) had not shared the link, the ad would never have reached LyndseyJ. If you are on Facebook (or other social media) and would like to help spread the word of this current (fabulous!) vacancy, please do share the link. Thank you!

Exercise today: 10 mile bike ride.

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