Point of Views

A bright breezy morning so off we set down to Arrieta with its dinky little waterfront. It didn’t take long to explore, so we sat at the only pavement cafe with a coffee and pastry. Warm sunshine! On across very young looking lava fields to Orzola and then up to Mirador del Rio which is really just a viewpoint over to Graciosa but that man Manrique created the most beautiful couple of floors of rooms set in the rock. A bit Clockwork Orange really.
Back to the casita to unwind in warm sunshine. And the pool had to be plunged into. Yep, as cold as expected. Barely survivable.
Back to my book. Something worthy, as I do hope you’d imagine. I nodded off, mind.
Evening, off to a meal out along dark roads with starry starry skies to Es Lago. Only the smallest drink as tomorrow I’m going to do something I’ve never ever done. I know - at my age, surely there’s little left. Everest? The Moon? I’ve done a sculpture after all. And cycled in the Netherlands. Scuba diving here I come!

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