Mysterious Stairway

Three guesses what I did today. The first two don't count. Yes. Of course. It's Wednesday and that means open studio and painting. We were a small group today which felt intimate and cozy. We needed that because the day was frigid and the building is always very cold. Trish does her best to heat the place. She even placed a small space heater behind me because I have a cold and she was being sweet and thoughtful. I am continuing to work on my second staircase painting. When I started this one I wasn't sure I'd like it. Turns out I do, very much. It's fun when I like my work while I'm doing it.

After the day was over I sat with my friend Erin and talked. She is one of the members of the shared studio where I keep all of my paintings and supplies. In theory I paint there too but so far that has only happened once. There continues to be so much going on that I'm only managing one day of painting each week. I hope to add another as things settle a bit.

My sore throat has developed into a cold. Actually I prefer that to having acid reflux as I used to. Now I rarely have any symptoms and my throat has been scratchy and my voice raspy for several days. So I diagnosed it as acid reflux due to the fact I had no other symptoms. Now I do: more tired than usual, throat more sore, stuffy nose... you know the drill. So this evening Shelly and I are going solo. Actually that's what we had planned so all is well. (I do miss his company though and he mine.) It is a bit weird to feel like a teenager at age 75. I really don't mind but I sure did not expect it or even think it was possible. Must admit I am very delighted that it is. 

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