I had this candle lit while puttering around the house today.  After some lovely sunshine for a few days, everything was back to dull grey again today.  It’s below freezing and the threat of snow was hanging suspended all day.  A few times it started to fall this afternoon and so I used my super powers to will it away.  Ha!  It appears my powers are fading fast though as the snow is coming down heavily now. ;)

So back to the candle…it’s a lovely warm glow and the lemon scent is so fresh.  While looking at the candle, I thought of the phrase ‘burning the candle at both ends’ which seems to be reflective of my life at the moment.  For one who really dislikes being busy and for the most part enjoys fairly quiet and simple days, life has ramped up these past few weeks.  It’s only for a short season so I will have my peaceful existence again hopefully in the not too distant future.  But for now this is what it is.   

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