Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Door, window, mirror*

a pale winter light
at my back and to my right --
strangely lit portrait

I wasn't out much today, except to drive Julie to an appointment, and I didn't take my camera with me - a very rare thing, but I didn't regret it, as there was nothing I told myself that I would have liked to photograph...

Back home for lunch and organising the move. We have now chosen our movers. There's just the small thing of the cheque to make. ;-)

Messaging with friends, including the theatre troupe in Brittany. They wanted to produce a play adapted from a Miss Marple novel, but they are short of two roles, and even including me, we'd still be short. Instead, it will be a variety show, made of comedy sketches, songs etc. I'll most likely join that. :-)

Our bathroom is situated on the same floor as our bedroom, which means it has a roof window. The weather, though cold, is beautiful today and therefore the bathroom is well lit. I thought I'd try something (not that I've never done it in six years, but I wonder if I've ever blipped one of those shots, I can't remember). Something very common, actually: standing in front of the mirror that is over the sink, with the roof window to my back and the door (through which light from one of the roof windows in our bedroom came in) to my right.

I don't know if this qualifies for EP15 - Light and shadow - as there's not much shadow, but it definitely is an exercise in using available light. Also, it had been a while you hadn't seen my face as the main photo in my journal. ;-)

* to be read in the same monotone as the message in this video

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