A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer



Lake Lucerne by moonlight on our way to our anniversary meal aboard the ship restaurant.  (The 25 year, one week, and 2 days anniversary, that is.)

We'd spent the day walking - essentially setting off from the hotel in an Easterly direction until we ran out of lake, then heading inland and eventually following woodland paths back to Lucerne.  This was the one time and place where the Swiss footpath signage failed us.  The maps are rubbish, sorry, but compared to OS maps they are.  Some even follow the shape of the paper they are printed on rather than the shape of the road!

Anyway, for 90% of the walk the distinctive yellow signs sufficed, and usefully they give distance in terms of time it takes to walk there.  Unfortunately at one critical point the signs disappeared and it took a few increasingly wide circuits and re-tracks to find them again, even with a map.

Still we found some wonderful views, and we found God.  Or, rather, at Meggenhorn we found a huge statue of Jesus, arms outstretched, looking over the lake.

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