"2 cars and a Motorbike"

All three vehicles MOT'd this week, the Alto on Tuesday, MX-5 on Wednesday, CTX1300 today Friday.
All passed, which is good news, and I had a rear tyre fitted on the back of the CTX1300 before they carried out the test. Not cheap, it's a big fat tyre!
Gives me peace of mind knowing that, barring any problems, they are ok for another 12 months, at least they are road legal.
Quite a frosty start this morning when I set off at 08:30 and rode even more gingerly on the way home with a new tyre, they can be treacherous until the shiny rubber surface is worn off.

As I was leaving Thunder Road Bike Shop a large 40' Lorry blew it's horn at me, one of those big klaxon type horns. He wasn't annoyed, it was my mate Nigel who recognised the bike and me.

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