As I missed the chance to take a photograph of Ruby when she was visiting you'll have to put up with another motorbike themed blip I'm afraid.

A few blips ago I installed the top box on my bike but this means that I don't have anywhere to display a flag, RAF Ensign, Poppy Appeal 'Lest we Forget' flag, etc.
I have two metal rods that Luke made for me and I used to screw them into the bolt hole on the luggage rack, see HERE.
 The box uses these holes to bolt the bottom plate to the luggage rack.

I was looking around E-Bay for suitable brackets when it struck me that some of them were very similar to something in my garage.
About 4 years ago Julia came home, swung into the drive and knocked my Shadow over. Broke an indicator and smashed the windshield. She replaced them and I kept all the bits from the broken windshield, including the adjustment brackets.
They have heavy rubber fittings so I thought I could fix them onto the pannier guard bar, one top and one bottom for stability.
I had to increase the size of the top hole which I did by rasping with a large drill bit.
The bottom one didn't need any adjustment, the threaded bit sits niceley into it and I can put a washer and nut on the bottom.

Job done, very pleased with it.

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