The Morning Moon

It's the only photo I took today which is why it's being blipped even though it's not a very good one.
I took it early this morning just after 0800. The sky was cloudless but not very blue as the sun was just coming up behind me.
It was taken on manual settings, and hand held. I want to learn more about using the manual settings but there's nothing in the instructions. Probably a forum where advice can be sought.

Today was a gorgeous day, this afternoon rode back up to Worcester to meet up with a friend who had been looking after the pannier bag I left at the RBL club last weekend. He rode down from Wolverhampton while I rode from Gloucester.
I found out that the RBL club at Claines doesn't open until 19:00 so we met at a nearby country pub. Got there shortly after 15:00 to find it is also closed! I can't believe and English country pub is closed in the afternoon.
Anyway, we had a good chat and then departed with me promising that I owe him a pint, or two, for his trouble. I offered his money for the journeys fuel but he wouldn't accept it.
Just the sort of people I knock around with nowadays, salt of the Earth who would do anything for each other.

Last night Marlane sewed my new name badge onto my leather cut. See extra. She is good to me considering she doesn't even like biking.

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