David J. Rose

By djrose007

It was that or 'Loser'!

I have a bit of a name for myself in the RBL Riders Branch. I was always dropping things off my bike, leaving things behind, losing thing. It hasn't been so bad for a while since I got into the habit of putting my glasses on my gloves while getting my helmet on so I don't forget them.
However, last Sunday I was in Worcester for the Pool and Darts championship and rode home. Didn't realise I'd left my pannier bag in Worcester with my new RBLR fleece and my trainers in the bag.

It was spotted, and luckily not blown up as a suspicious package, and one of the riders took it home as they guessed it was a rider. It wasn't a rider local to me though, he lives in Wolverhampton so we have to arrange a time we will be together at a function, probably in May.

Back to the name thing, there's been a few over the years and some of them even printable. The latest suggestion is probably the best so I have had a patch made to go on my cut either in place of DAVE or somewhere beside it. It's been suggested I should have a checklist of everything I'm carrying when I set off so I can check it off when I start the return journey!
Better 'Checklist' rather than 'Loser' I think.

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