Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Lent lilies - FF23_2018

Today I found a bank of proper wild daffodils - narcissus pseudonarcissus, or lent lilies as they were known in N Devon.  Perhaps they still are.  So as one of my aims this year is to post an example of any wild flowers I can get a decent shot of - and this is Friday - they have become my blip for the day.

Very many thanks to BikerBear for continuing to host FlowerFriday.

And a very happy weekend to you all  xx

PS: A heartfelt thank you to everyone who told me which they thought worked better of yesterday's two shots.  You are so helpful and generous with your time I know whenever I'm not sure I've got something right you will tell me.  It is/you are brilliant.

Btw, although your opinion was divided - as mine was - you came down slightly on the same side as I did.  Phew!

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