The lastest finds

Last Saturday Ollie and I had a wander along the shore and while he snuffled about in the strand line and went for the odd dip, I rootled around for bits of pottery.  Most of this lot is just from one afternoon!

It's amazing how much blue and white there is.  Over the years I bet I have gathered several dinner services' worth of shards!  Today I took a handful into the house and had a go at cleaning it.  The beach finds are generally not too bad, but the bits that I come across in the garden when I'm digging are usually pretty mucky and stained.  

Goodness knows what I am going to do with it, there are lots of crafty ideas on line, but in the meantime my stash will just keep growing!

The bottle is embossed with Ess of Chicory & Coffee, Symington & Co, Edinburgh.  A bit battered about the neck, but it was buried in the sand, so not bad for a 1900ish bottle!

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