Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Victoria and My Husband

A trip to Cambridge for another Addenbrookes appointment, which was scheduled for midday, as is quite normal they were an hour late. Prior to that we made a brief visit to the town. The Park and Ride bus took longer than usual as we seemed to have a new driver. At busy morning times the bus goes a slightly different way, this one clearly did not know where he was going as he tried to turn left back into the Park and Ride where the cars park. Eventually, with the hep of a passenger directing traffic and guiding him out, we were once again on our way. Then, when someone rang the bell to stop at Hill’s Road Sixth Form College, he stopped at a different bus stop and had to be told, by the person getting off the bus where to stop. We got the same bus driver going back, but he seemed to have worked out the route,

Then we went into Scotsdales for lunch before coming home. On the way home we visited our daughter’s home, they had just come back from a “Spa” day and that is where today’s picture was taken of my husband and Victoria who was explaining what they had been doing.

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