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By arkensielphoto

EZS3132 Geneva to London Stansted

I make no apologies for the poor quality of today’s picture. It is easyJet flight number EZS3132 from Geneva to London Stansted with my grandson Oliver and four of his friends on board. The plane had a good tailwind and landed twenty-seven minutes early! The planes had not been going over the village during the morning, but then at the last minute the plane in front of him turned (tracked on Planefinder) and I thought it just might do so. Today’s picture was taken through the conservatory window as I knew I would not get the door open in time; hence the poor quality. Shortly after this Oliver sent me a text to say he had landed. The extra picture shows the track (at Newport) more or less where the main picture was taken and also that it was coming in North of the village; I have also included a cropped version of the main picture.

A day of doing not very much although I have some “knitting looms” coming from Amazon, which should have been here yesterday. No doubt I will be learning how to use them.

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