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By arkensielphoto


Well, do you know, this is the first time I have featured in the journal this year! My sisters, Florence and Sybil have been blipped, but not me, so Mummy said if I posed for her today I could write in the journal. I have got to share it with some more Ladybirds that she found; there were six of them together on one of the young cherry trees. I know it was a young tree as it still has the wire round its trunk. I do not think it is as good as my photograph.
Well it has been a lovely day and I spent some time outside while Mummy was chopping down bits of shrubs and tying up others to make the border look better. She was out there for three hours, I got a bit fed up at one stage and went indoors with Daddy.
While she was out there she saw two butterflies, but fortunately they did not stay still long enough for her to get a picture, otherwise I might have been ousted from the journal today. One was a yellow butterfly and the other was a brown colour.
It was quite hot outside and the temperature at noon was thirteen degrees Celsius. Hopefully it will be warm tomorrow and I can go outside again; I like to help in the garden and Mummy has such a lot more to do. I am not allowed out when it is cold because of my poorly back and apparently it will get colder later in the week.

Love to all my pussy and doggie friends. Love from Dougal xx

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