... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Starling Friend

Tamer in large.

*Sigh* St. James's Park...
The sun was out, and I was certain that I'd just found my blip each time I turned a corner... First it was going to be the beady-eyed black swan (shaking?), then the adorable white-cheeked pintail, then the chattering Chiloé wigeons, then the Jesus coot, then the red-breasted goose preening, then the Most Beloved cow geese...
I ("restrainedly") managed to rule out the stacked pelicans and shaking heron as I'd blipped them recently.

THEN we had this splendid moment with the super-tame starling; I almost touched it (could have, but I wanted to photograph it rather than scare it off), then my friend almost persuaded it to hop onto her finger, although its suspicions won out in the end. This was my closest portrait. It made such a wonderful range of chirrups, coos, and whistles...

Today's others are on Flickr here (or right from "Competing for Colicci cake")

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