... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Backlit Bird and Blooms

Brighter and darker dispositions in large.
Coot extras:
Coot flapping (5/5)
Conflict over food
Gulls vs. coots (2/2)
Ross's geese, heron, and squirrel

My mother and I went to St. James's Park to see the Ross'sling; it and its family have been being coy recently, but we got to see them washing and flapping today, even if we couldn't get close to them... Not ideal photographically, but it was nice to see all four together (Ross'sling with its parents and older sibling). We did get close to a little nēnē though, which was a surprise as there haven't been Hawaiian geese there before; I heard it first, but just assumed that I was hearing things after spending too long with them yesterday...

The sun was out and the park was heaving, so there was lots of action with visitors throwing food to the birds. I took lots of action shots of the splashy conflicts (mostly involving coots and gulls), as well as portraits in the contrasty sunshine.
My blip pic seemed most different from usual...

Others here (or right from Little grebe preening)

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