... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Nēnē in a Flap

Spot the droplets in large.
Spotlit emperor goose
Red shovelers dripping and preening

Everyone was on great escaping form today: the emperor geese were off the tundra (enclosure) and had crept back into their wooded spot, and had even taken their nēnē friend with them this time, and while the other three nēnēs started out in their usual enclosure (with one nesting in a crate), someone special let this one out (it looked intentional on the person's part, but the nēnēs do have hypnotic powers which they use to incite abetment...), and then managed to get through another gate to reach the antipodean enclosure, where it marauded about anxiously, getting all the other birds rather wound up.
I thought that I'd be blipping the red shovelers (new arrivals), but was pleased to see the escaped nēnē flapping (after washing in the sunshine), and picked this picture for the shadows as well as the background red shoveler... I've included an emperor goose and the red shovelers as extras.

Lots of others here (or right from Nibblers nibbling)

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