... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Incoming

Looming larger in, um, large...
(Blip is taken from halfway through a landing series, starting here)
"Stick 'em up, swan"
Mallard mischief
Flapping it off (1/3)

We were in central London and the sun was out, so Im and I went to St. James's Park to see whether we could get close to the Ross'sling and kin (success!) and find the new little nēnē (failure)...
This incoming pelican was impressive (although I didn't quite keep up with it focus-wise, which prevented me from blipping my would-otherwise-be-favourite closer shot), although the child firing bubbles at the juvenile swan, and gull with a Coca-cola cup were also tempting. There was also some dramatic mallard mischief (hum, see extras...)

Others here (or right from Heron fly by (1/2))

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