An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The Sentinel...

Bit of an odd day today.  Pleasant but nothing much achieved if you know what I mean.

We decided today to give Lola more freedom around the house, rather than keeping her hemmed into the bootroom, kitchen and garden room.  This will hopefully stop her getting hyper every time she's allowed into another part of the house.  It started well as she ended up upstairs with me and I couldn't do anything but laugh as she "helped" David make the bed!  

Back downstairs and her over excitement soon died down and we were amazed at how calm she became, even taking herself back to the boot room for her usual morning nap.  I have had to remind Alan's PAs to keep the remote control for Alan's tv and his iPod on the mantlepiece where she can't get to them.  The lovely thing is earlier this evening she took herself through beside Alan and cosied on the rug beside his chair and watched TV with him.  This is exactly what we hoped for :-))

Alan went out for a while this afternoon and since it was such a lovely day, we headed out in the car without any real clue as to where we were going.  We ended up driving to Dunning just incase Broadslap had reopened after their flood (they hadn't) so we kept on driving and found ourselves on one of the country roads heading out of Dunning.  

We ended up at this vantage point (I have blipped from here before but can't find it).  If I had realised we would end up here today I would have taken my tripod and attempted a landscape that was at least in full focus but hey ho, hindsight is a great thing.

There was a sign up saying the road was closed further on so we turned and headed back down and ended up heading home as we remembered Alan was swimming at 5pm and one of us was needed to press the button on the pool sling.

Lola has been much brighter today (see extra) and is eating again so not sure if she is coming into season.  She's keeping us guessing!

Linda the hairdresser is coming to the house to cut my hair at 9.30am tomorrow and I can't wait.  I couldn't be bothered blowdrying it this morning and left it to its own curly devices.  Alan has laughed every time he's looked at me.  Such a confidence boost.  

Late dinner tonight as time has run away with us and David had to take Lola out.  Back shortly :-))

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