Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

No Colour Sunrise

Despite the gaps in the clouds it was still a very drab sunrise this morning.  Below freezing, according to the car's thermometer, but no ice on the windscreen.  On the way to the supermarket I stopped at Kingswood Lakeside in the (vain) hope of some colour,  At least we had some reflections.

It appears that the angling club using the lake is having problems with cormorants.  There are warning signs around the lake of loud bangs from time to time, obviously being used in the hope of persuading the cormorants to move on.  I hope that this doesn't affect the other water fowl, Including at least three great crested grebes I saw while there.  Their winter plumage was still evident, probably as well given the forecast for the next week.

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