a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Not the most eco-friendly day; I seem to have been to Bath thrice, or three times if you prefer. One of those trips involved public transport, but its cold so none involved pedal power :-(

The first trip involved a haircut and some shopping.

The second trip involved "My Fair Lady" at the Theatre Royal and a lovely lunch in good company, engendered by Jess (our daughter) buying us the tickets as a Christmas present.

The third trip involved my good friend Pete and the Gryphon pub (where this shot was taken) in the arctic conditions (well, cold conditions) now prevailing.

You can probably guess that its been a non-stop sort of a day, so apologies (yet again) for not keeping up on journals.  But it has been a lovely day.  The  great conversation with Cathy's friend Sue who came down from London to join us for lunch and the show.  The delight of being able to spend some time with young Jess. An evening in Bath with all sorts of folks, rugby tourists, history tourists etc., and Pete who (as one of Bath's Lord Mayor's Guides) is packed full of snippets of what turn out to be (however unlikely) historical truths.

Still, time for bed at 23:57 - tomorrow Is another day :-)

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