a lifetime burning

By Sheol

The Happy Chef

It is still February and Winter in the UK, so it has been somewhat surreal to attend an outdoor barbecue this afternoon.  As the sun went down we did need to wrap ourselves in the blankets provided, but even so - eating outdoors in comfort in February is not a usual activity for February in this country.

This shot of the barbecue chef du jour Stuart was taken after he had just finished  carving the turkey that he had started to cook at 5 am this morning.  I've not had smoked turkey before but it was surprisingly tasty.

Well, it is Sunday evening now.  The holiday break is over, and tomorrow I will be back at work again. I can't say that it is a prospect that fills me with much enthusiasm. Still, we have some visitors coming to stay for several weekends in March so plenty to look forward too as well.  That glass is definitely half full :-)

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