a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Down to the wire

Mono Monday: Down to the Wire

Every time you touch her
Sets your hands on fire
And every thing you've got
Is all that she requires
And you hang on, hang on, hang on
To the words of a liar
You can feel it getting
Down to the wire

All the hurt you thought was gone
Has now returned
And everything she's laughing at
Is all you learned
And you let go, let go, let go
Cause you know you're getting tired
Can you feel it getting
Down to the wire?

Take the time to close your
Eyes and look around
Cause anyone who helped you out
Can let you down
And look out, look out, look out
The voice is now the choir
Can you feel it getting
Down to the wire?

Buffalo Springfield ~ Down to the Wire

Let us turn away from Prime Ministers running clocks down taking life changing decisions to the wire and remember instead a happier more innocent time when Neil Young sang with Buffalo Springfield and the world was all about teenage self-absorption and unrequited love.  I've linked to the version featuring lead vocals by Neil from Decade, rather than the version featuring Steve Stills' lead vocal from the Buffalo Springfield album of the same name.  For me Neil's vocals, full of passionate emotion, do a far better job of getting over that sense of impending desperation.

As ever, my thanks to our host for the month laurie54  who has set some great challenge themes.

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