a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Sketchy selfie

This started off as an attempt to take a selfie wearing the new reading specs.  Somehow, along the way, I got distracted by the opportunities presented by the processing software and ended up with this version of the shot, which almost looks as though it might have been sketched.  Sufficient to say, I've probably wasted a good half hour at least on the faffing around - needlessly really.  

In case you're interested I've also uploaded the original image, before all the faffing around began.  The one happy accident of the layering in affinity photo is the virtual application of "just for men*" to my grey beard and greying hair.  

*other male hair dyes are also available, please consult your personal trichologist for their recommendation.

As for the processing recipe - I've duplicated the original image as a first layer, to which I have applied a detect edges filter.  I've then duplicated that layer and inverted the resulting new layer.  A combination of blending those 3 layers: (1) the original, (2) the duplicated original with the edges filter and (3) an inverted copy of (2) will produce something along the lines of this shot, depending on quite how you tweak the opacity of the layers.

If you are admiring my professional looking backdrop (!) I should confess that this is a fitted sheet hanging on the washing line outside as part of today's laundry chores.  It works rather well ... and it certainly keeps the neighbours amused ...

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