Desperately seeking

By clickychick

The Winding Path

As so many of you have been kind and looked at my Center Parcs blips this week, I thought I'd do a shot inside the main building. The huge expanse of "glass" (probably not) covers the large swimming pool, about 5 restaurants and quite a few specialist shops. The central area is planted like a palm house but has good ventilation so it isn't humid. The pool area also has trees like these.

Even though it is a large area it is divided by trees and walkways. Plenty of places to sit and wonder what to do next. The restaurants have soft play areas for young children. Outdoors there is a Spa building and a sports centre, plus 5 or 6 play areas for the children. There's a very frightening play area for older children and brave grown-ups but you pay extra for that sort of fear!

 I thought I'd just try and give a summary of the place in Extras, showing shots that didn't make it into a blip. The lodges aren't spectacular on the outside, but once inside you have the benefit of spacious accommodation and views out of the forest.

I kept doing comparisons of what folk get here compared to what folk get when they stay at our lodge, Amber Nook. Not fair really. Folk come here for entertainment for the children and our visitors come for peace and quiet and access to the fells.

So! Our holiday is over. I haven't chased The Grandchildren around with the camera this time, they're much too fast for me!

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