By CleanSteve

An ancient oak tree at Long Newnton, near Tetbury

Soon after we woke this morning we had the dreadfully sad news that Una, one of Helena's oldest friends had died suddenly in Sri Lanka. Apparently she'd had a short illness. She had been working as the United Nations Representative in Sri Lanka for two years having been promoted from her position as the local head of UNICEF there. 

I have back-blipped this picture of Helena and Una, which I took a couple of hours before Helena flew back to England after her short break over Christmas in 2015. We had spent the afternoon on the beach close to the airport and as dusk fell we enjoyed a big meal and then being on the beach together. I decided to post it as a place to share our memories of her.
RIP Una McCauley 1964 – 2018

Today the sun has been shining brightly here with a clear blue sky. I suggested we go for a drive as Helena's back is still hurting her and a walk seemed a step too far.

We pottered about the back lanes of Gloucestershire to e=the east of Stroud, up on the flat farmland of the Cotswold tops. I stopped a few times to take a few snaps. I saw these sheep in this field in front of this ancient tree at the edge of the village of Long Newnton, near Tetbury. 

I have often thought of recording this as it is a fine old specimen of a 'marker' tree and has been pollarded many times. The spread of its branches which look quite extensive is only a fraction of what it formerly produced. You can probably see that the current spread of the branches is growing from a small section at the edge of its old massive trunk.

Another interesting feature you can just make out are the lines in the grass, towards the stone wall, marking the former 'ridge and furrow' ploughing system, which become apparent under certain light and seasonal conditions.

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