Tea and Oranges

A few random and not so random items for today’s MonoMonday challenge of ‘On The Table’ suggested by Kanga Zu. (Thank you for some great suggestions all Februay!)
Just having breakfast.
Leonard Cohen’s song came into my head as l looked at the teapot so l added the fruit.
Then l also remembered:

So you read your Emily Dickinson and l my Robert Frost
and we drink our tea and oranges and measure what we lost...’

Wasn’t that in a Simon and Garfunkel song ?

Hope so I’ve written it down in my journal for posterity now.
May have to come back and alter that.
Funny how the mind works

Will have to look that up after Zumba.

Also going to tag this for Sunday still life , hosted for the next month by Miranda.

Anyone else remember the phrase ‘what’s on the table , Mabel?’!!!

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