I have a little sedum garden that l made by inserting different varieties into a shallow trough then filling it with fine decorative gravel.
It really needs hardly any upkeep just a little water every couple of months and not too much sunshine.
They stand up well over winter and you can easily make new plants from them .
Good value and interesting, there are hundreds of different varieties to collect.
Thanks to wrperry for hosting TinyTuesday.

Managed to get more sleep than l expected and went for a massage this morning with a sports therapist ( who is also Mr P’s spinning coach) and she agrees with all l said yesterday.
She has suggested that because l do so much exercise my muscles are actually tight and compact and l need to do more stretching.
She pummelled my back and did the usual sticking of the elbow into my painful areas which produced me yelping and nearly elevating off the bed :-))
Feeling little bit of benefit now but it’s still a visit to the doctor tomorrow morning.

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