A Sunny day!

At last we've had a lovely sunny day! The main photo is a panorama shot taken from the hill behind Queenstown, after we'd taken the gondola ride up to the Skyline complex in the late afternoon. It shows Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu.
We'd spent the morning at Arrowtown, about 15 km from Queenstown - it's s fun place, basically a tourist attraction based on the remains of a gold town from the late 19th Century.
In the afternoon (before the gondola ride) we visited the Kiwi Bird Park in Queenstown - an excellent conservation enterprise aimed at helping to save rare species and in particular the kiwi, funded entirely from visitor admission fees (and their shop!). They breed kiwis and when feasible release them into the wild. So we've now actually seen real live kiwis, in the pseudo-nocturnal kiwi houses in which they live in the park. Unfortunately it was another place where photos weren't allowed, although the light levels were so low that it would have been very tricky anyway - you couldn't see them at all until your eyes had had at least 5 minutes to dark-adapt.

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