Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104


"Don't go far" they said - so I didn't...
"It's going to snow" they said - and it did, but only a few flakes
"It'll be cold" they said - and it was. 

My objective today was to capture Curlew, and I failed miserably. The tide was too far in and there weren't any about. But I did see a few more oystercatchers and these two godwits. 
I didn't stay out long as it was cold and started to snow, and am posting very early as we are all off out for a meal tonight - all 14 of us - and I suspect it will be a late one. 

Maybe I will see some Curlew tomorrow? I hope so, as it's our last full day up here. Or maybe we will be snowed in?? 

We're keeping an eye on the weather as the "Beast from the East" rolls in, but so far there is not much sign of it up in Northumberland - hope it stays that way until we go home on Wednesday....but I doubt it. 

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