Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


The weather forecast for today wasn't a good one, but as the expected snow wasn't due until early- to mid- afternoon, I decided to drive over to Clackmannan and visit the Tower.

On arrival in the village, I popped into the library to get a book of local walks and then started out walking up the Main Street towards the Tolbooth, Mercat Cross and Stone of Mannan (pictured). On my way along the road, however, I felt a little unwell and so after a couple of photos returned to the car and drove home. 

The Tolbooth was built originally in 1592, with the bell added in 1765 and the clock in 1865. The shaft of the Mercat Cross dates from the 17th century, although the ball finial is not original. The stone, or clack, is believed to have been dedicated to a pre-Christian deity Mannan (hence the name of the village Clack Mannan, or Stone of Mannan) and was placed on its present plinth in 1833. (This information gleaned from a plaque on the side of the Tolbooth)

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