By CleanSteve

Snow clouds scud across the Golden Valley

I've been at home today catching up on many outstanding online chores, including downloading films we need for the Stroud Community TV Awards event. I was up early at my desk whilst keeping an eye on the weather. It started snowing very gently from soon after dawn and has been intermittent ever since, without ever producing more than flurries.

I had my camera out to photograph birds feeding from the feeders as well as nibbling at the new buds of the pussy willow. I spotted a few nuthatches, goldfinches, various tits, blackbirds, a woodpecker and even a chaffinch or two all checking out the sunflower seeds and the suet pellets.

Around midday I noticed the sky turn very dark and looking out across the Golden Valley I saw a mass of cloud and drifting white mists. But despite looking like m=the mists that swirl around the hilltops and the valley sides, these were clouds of snow being driven by strong wind in a narrow band. They traversed from the north to the south side going across from Thrupp to Butterow and then on over Rodborough Common.

The very dark mass and the snow clouds completely missed our little Horns Valley and the sun remained shining on the fields and meadows throughout. The train chugged up the valley with the sun reflected off its roof. It would have been lovely when there were steam trains providing the local stopping services between the long departed halts. I have a sense that before two more days are out we may be completely covered in much thicker snow and I rather look forward to it. I like it when the air is dry rather than the more common wet days associated with most of the more recent snow events.

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