Pictorial blethers

By blethers


I can't resist making this my main blip pic for today, simply because when everything is so cold and even looks cold, this bowl of fruit glows with all the sun that went into the ripening of it. Or so I like to think - they may have been artificially ripened for all I know, but I saw the orange trees laden with fruit in Portugal last week and this reminded me of them. It's funny - I actually eat more fruit and vegetables at home than I ever manage to have on holiday ...

My extra photo deserves the title "Coffee in Chile" - we took a flask up the hill to the Chilean hillside in Benmore Gardens and drank coffee in the Andean Shelter there. There's something marvellous about hot coffee (with some of the Christmas coffee I still have mixed in with it) in the biting cold of this Siberian weather we're having.

Will it be safe, I wonder, to venture to the Other Side tomorrow for a hair cut? The Other Side is orange on the Met Office map ...

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