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Playing in the snow ...again

As the country slid to a halt, the stir-crazy Bletherses were off for a walk in the snow...Having cancelled my hair appointment on The Other Side (or, more accurately, been persuaded by a phone call from my lovely hairdresser that I should try on Saturday instead as Greenock was under a blizzard), I knew I couldn't bear to stay in all day. We left the car in the drive-in, put on our boots and puffa jackets, our wooly hats and fleece-lined trousers, and headed on foot for the Bishop's Glen, about 15 minutes' walk up the road. 

I took loads of photos and videos, for there was no-one else there and it was utterly beautiful, but I've chosen this one of the shining trees with the lines of snow on their trunks, and the snowy path up past what used to be the Upper Reservoir but is once more merely part of the glen. When we paused to look at the loch that is all that's left of the waterworks, the swan family, complete with grown cygnets, headed purposefully towards us looking for food, but we had none and left before they clambered out of the water. I've added their photo instead.

My other extra is of the path up out of the glen. We came home just as the worst blizzard of the day swept across from the Other Side. 

It's all very dramatic ...

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