Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Brief lull ...

No capering up glens today - the weather gave us the excuse to start really late today, and then we needed a gas canister (for emergency cooking) and set off for the extraordinary shop called Dae It Yersel which stocks everything. Well, almost everything. It was hard work - this shot, taken on our way back, shows the depth of snow on the pavements; the cleared road was horribly slippy and we kept off it. The black clouds are of what has just passed through; the next lot is yet to arrive.

My extras: one is of the same bit of road half an hour earlier, facing the opposite direction, and the second is of my alternative to a snowman. I realised that the pile created by my attempt to clear a path in our garden could with a little effort be made into a mountain. My favourite mountain. 

The Matterhorn.

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