Pictorial blethers

By blethers

So strange, so familiar ...

My church, looking like something you might find in Russia, looking unfamiliar in its almost-monochrome guise as afternoon turned into evening at the end of another bitter day. Another walk in the Bishop's Glen - the only bit of country we can reach on foot without miles of road first - took us down the far side and home via the church for a change, a change made less hazardous by our both having Yaktrax on today. The snow was deep - over the tops of our walking boots where it hadn't been trodden - and wonderfully squeaky underfoot, and for the first part of the walk we were entirely sheltered from the biting wind. 

So far this weather has been novel, throwing up irresistible chances for photography, but I feel I'm about to get fed up with the restrictions. Tomorrow we need to dig out our car and attempt to drive out of the lane (still deep in snow) onto the (gritted) road. And I have an appointment with my hairdresser on The Other Side - and both the ferries were off today because of the wind. 

I may be some time ...

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