Pictorial blethers

By blethers


This shows a typical HF moment as the group clambers down a limestone shelf at St Peter’s Pools on the outskirts of Marsaxlokk, a seaside town where traditional fishing boats moor, fish is sold on the quay, and container ships and liquidised natural gas is stored - perhaps a typical Maltese mixture?

We stopped for lunch on the extraordinary pitted limestone pavement at the doors of some decidedly overhanging cliffs, from which large chunks frequently detach themselves.

Later, we walked over the promontory and into the town for a beer on the quayside. The sun shone throughout, despite these clouds to the north of us, and we were all in t shirts for the first time this week.

And I discovered an absurd coincidence : a couple we’ve become friendly with are close friends of a chap I knew well when I played in the Hillhead High School orchestra. It’s a small place, this walking world ...

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