Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


After a very productive morning, (I sent the web developer a two page Word document of changes required on the website), I ventured out to Volvo for a 3pm appointment. The back door on the drivers' side doesn't lock, and it needed to be seen to asap.

So I delivered my car, and sat down with a cup of French Vanilla Latte (free to all visitors) and waited. And waited. And waited! The picture above was taken at 5:45 and I still had some time to wait before I could be on my way.

The job was more complex than reckoned I think. I actually got charged for labour this time, which is fair enough, but at least the repair was done while I waited. Hopefully, I won't need to be back there until mid-March when my friend arrives from the UK with much needed parts.

I did a quick whiz around Carrefour and then drove home enjoying a most beautiful sky and natural lighting. You can see the blue in the picture but outside it was brilliant. Cloud cover gives a reflection that is hard to describe. There must be a word for it, but I don't know it - yet.

There was just enough time to change and get our package of presents together to head over to Miriam for a homemade biryani. It is her birthday and we got invited! We stopped at City Walk to get one of these new transparent balloons with LED lights in them. They're so cool, and in this particular location, they sell them with toys inside, in this case - Hello Kitty!

Food, company and evening were great, as always.

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