Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Wild Wednesday: Weather

Today has been a really wild weather day - hazy with blowing sand and generally yuck! It tried to rain but we didn't get too many drops which is a shame because we really could do with it.

It is International Day in G's school tomorrow and she was asked to bake some cupcakes, so the day began with that. We then had just enough time to get shawarmas and drive down to the beach to eat them. I'm glad we did that as it's been a while since I haven't seen the sea looking so rough.

Surprisingly, there was a yellow flag flying when we arrived. This soon changed to red. I tried to get my hair cut but couldn't due to the previous client running late. Then in the evening, we had a very productive and positive meeting with someone who can see the potential of some of our ideas. Looking forward to the next few weeks and months.

And congratulations to Cailleach on 100 Wild Wednesdays. It's been fun, though I have to admit, Blipfoto has not been at the forefront on my thoughts this last week.

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